Custom and Interesting Award Ideas

Awards have always been an area I have loved offering to my clients. They come in all different sizes, shapes, materials and price points. It let’s us show our clients how creative we can be and helpful to them.

We create the award and you easily fill it with the product you wish to show representing any milestone or achievement. Presented in a nice presentation box, you simply take the award out, fill the hollow area with the item you want to show, close it and turn it right side up.

These are great for groundbreaking wear you can actually add small pieces of stone or dirt. The cotton represents textile and a sustainable material that the shirts are made from.

For an extra touch, the base lights up to show off your accomplishment. This is a great presentation gift for all involved on the project.

if you prefer, send us the item you want inserted into the hollow tube, and we will happily fill them and ship them out.

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