Corkcickle Glasses Novelty, Style and Practicle.

Cigar aficionados will love our cigar glass crafted with a built-in cigar rest. No more fumbling looking for a place to put your cigar. Walk around holding a glass that holds it all.

Our Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge glass is perfect for those Whiskey and Bourbon drinks so popular today. No bourbon or whiskey drinker likes to have their drink get watered down by ice cubes. That is why large cubes were invented. With our glasses, one side of the glass has ice while the other holds the liquor with no worries of having your drink get dilutedat all. This glass actually comes with it’s own silicone ice form to fit the glass perfectly.

These make the perfect gift for the person that has everything. Ask us for more ideas. Gemline thank you for the perfect gift item.

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