The Art of Giving!

Gifting is appreciated more today than ever during the Pandemic where people are working from and looking to do or receive something special. People have more time, want to relax more and try and learn new things.

Gifting BUILDS good will, ATTRACTS good employees and customers, RETAINS good employees and customers, ENGAGES employees and customers, Creates POSITIVE communication and is STANDARD practice among the best organizations.

We can do this painlessly for you by CREATING a website where recipients order with 1-11 standard levels of AWARDS, Create Codes for the recipient for redemption and once chosen, the GIFT ships directly to the recipient’s home with on-line tracking.

Years of Service, Safety Incentives, Sales and Incentive Rewards, Customer Appreciation and Employee Birthdays are all examples of how a program can be used.

No minimums, no set up fees, no administration fees. See above for a list of name brands available.

This is a sampling of products and programs available to you. Ask the experts at

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