Still Time For Golf!

It is September and there is still time to play many rounds of golf in the North. And if you live further South, you have even more time to play.

Are you having an in person or virtual golf outing event? These custom branded golf gloves are the perfect gift to hand out on the course or to mail to those who signed up for the virtual event.

Here is an idea for your virtual event. Invite golfers to sign up for your combination of in person and virtual event. Everyone that signs up is sent a branded high quality custom golf glove to use before they play. Invite them to play on their own time with their own foursome using and taking pictures while they play with their new gifted gloves. Once everyone has played, create the online virtual event for those to post scores and show their pictures. This will create a community and sharing event for all to share and enjoy.

Have fun and please share the experience with us. We are happy to help you with your golf or other event.

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