Five Hot Promotional Products Categories for the Pandemic and Beyond!

Wearables are surging in popularity today thanks to the emphasis on casual style. Here are the top 5 categories.

  1. MASKS- Masks today are the biggest in-demand item of the year.
  2. Sweats-Comfort is the new word during the pandemic. Forever the symbol of at home comfort, it has now proven to be the acceptable fashion piece in updated fabrics and tailored cuts. With everyone dressing down, it has pushed into the mainstream.
  3. T-Shirt– You will notice that on Zoom calls, people are wearing T-shirts. It is the most popular apparel in the promotional products industry, cool branded T-Shirts have gained acceptance everywhere pre-pandemic and beyond.
  4. Quarter Zips-People that are dressing up for Zoom call are dressing up now with a quarter-zip instead of a blazer, blouse or jacket. Quarter-zips come in lightweight fabrics making them the perfect presentable casual fashion piece.
  5. Pajamas-During the coronavirus, some people found it hard to deal, didn’t want to deal, explaining the 143% increase in retail pajama sales between mid-March and mid-April. If you are going to be in the house all day, you might as well be comfortable and live in luxury.

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