Return Me!

People are working from home, working in the office and right now in most cases they are working at both the home and in the office. Students may be on different routine’s once the new school year is upon us. All this coming and going, change of routine’s and adjusting to the new norm is not easy for anyone. It is during these instances when people are more prone to losing or leaving things behind. In the car, on the bus or train or even in school or the office. Oh no, don’t panic, we are here to help you with our ReturnMe items. Luggage tages, dog tags and labels that can stick on any item. Just register your tag or label when you get it. If you lose that item, all the finder has to do is call the number on the tag or label. The receipient is then given a reward and the owner gets back the item they left behind. This is one of the way we help our clients. New and innovative ideas that work!

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