How a Pencil is Made

  Not All Pencils are Equal   Make sure your pencils are sending the right message. Choose the brand consumers respect with quality pencils they’ll appreciate.   From the selection of the wood, to the thickness and quality of the lead, Faber-Castell pencils stand head and shoulders above the competition. We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best. Since 1761, our family has been perfecting the pencil. Check out our video to see the 14 step process behind our superior products.   What makes our pencils special? SV Bonding glues the lead the entire length of the pencil for break-resistant leads. Thick leads using the highest-quality pigments for gorgeous color lay-down. Graphite pencils with dipped ends or erasers on ends. Coated with eco-friendly water-based varnish. Unique shapes, grip zones and finishing capabilities. Made from reforested wood grown in our Forest Stewardship Council certified forest.

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