Masks-So Many Out There, How do You Decide?

Made in the USA.  Made in China. One-time use or Washable and Reusable. Non-woven material, 2-ply double knit cotton, 1 ply cotton, 2 ply cotton, 3 ply cotton. With nose piece, with filter. How do you decide? Should you wear a mask? A bandana? A gator, multi use headwear? It can be daunting. Every day we get more options, more emails, more suppliers sending us mask information.

You have to decide what you are more comfortable with and how often you need to wear a mask. Are you going to the store once a week or two? Then maybe the disposable ones are for you with faster turnaround times and least expensive. Maybe you want to support the USA and work with a trusted company. Or maybe you want an item that can double as a scarf, headband and mask to wear when you do not need a mask any more. Do yo want your logo or brand image on them? We will be wearing masks for a long while I believe. Soon MMP will have out own branded masks to give to our family, friends and clients.

Buy your masks from a trusted, reliable and knowledgeable company. A company that is living and breathing masks and options like us. Every day, every minute inventory changes, prices change and it is always on a first come, first serve basis. Let us help you make an educated decision and purchase.

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