Brand-Name Merchandise for Recognition and Rewards

Types of Reward & Recognition Programs

NAME-BRAND MERCHANDISE- Use them for Rewards, Gifts, Incentives, and Encouragement. Are you taking the time and effort for your incentive programs? Are your employees feeling appreciated and rewarded? Are you getting enough people involved in your health and safety programs? These are just a few of the ways to use Name Branded Merchandise. If you do not have any program in place now, or want to start with honoring just a person or two read below to get an idea of what would work for your company and feel free to reach out to us for suggestions and programs.

• Employee Incentives: Employee-of-the-Month, Customer Service Awards, Peer-to-Peer Rewards or Spot Awards that catch employees “doing something right”.
• Sales Contests: The sales rep reaches or exceeds quota and earns rewards.
• Safety Programs: In manufacturing or other plants where safety is a concern and mistakes or missed days because of injuries are expensive.
• Consumer Promotions: Frequent buyer programs, Gift-with-Purchase and other programs reward consumers for purchasing specific items, purchasing more or more often.
• Dealer Promotions: Programs that encourage Dealers to purchase more or purchase a specific mix of skus and are rewarded with merchandise rewards in the place of discounts.
• Loyalty Programs: Similar to frequent purchase programs, consumers are rewarded for increasing purchases or purchasing over a long period of time.
• Wellness Programs: Of increasing concern to company leaders as insurance costs rise, there are many advantages to having a healthier workforce. Companies that structure wellness programs may outsource the reward component.
• Customer Gifting Programs: Studies show that consumers who receive gifts are far more likely to buy again from that company. These may be Holiday gifts, a gift on the anniversary of a purchase or other significant time frame. There are tax advantages to companies that have defined and documented gifting programs.

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