Promotional Calendar for May – Awareness & Tourette Syndrome starting today

May is a very busy month for Awareness

See below for a list of many of them and please ask me how we can help you with your charity work.

ALS Awareness

arthritis Awareness

Asthma and Allergy Awareness

Better Hearing and Speech

Better Sleep

Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness

Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention

Stroke Awareness

Mental Health

BIcycle Safety

WOmen’s Health

Aging Americans


National Hospital Week

High Blood Pressure Education

Police Week

Hurricane Preparedness

Banking  Financial

Pet Health

Physical Fitness

AND last but not least starting May to June 15 ifs Tourette Syndrome Awareness

see below, this is very close to my heart and family, this is my great-niece and

this post is from her father, my nephew.



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