Amazing Glider Gloves-Stay Warm Outside and Still Be Able to Use Your Phone like no other!



We all have our favorite gloves we wear outside on those cold and wintery days. There are thin gloves, and insulated gloves, wool gloves and synthetic ones and some even have the fingertip touch screen capabilities that come in one, three or five fingers. Now come the real touchscreen gloves that allow you to hold your phone and use it as if you were not even wearing gloves. AMAZING you say? I agree. You have to see, feel and touch them to believe and love them as I do. I was given a pair to try by Glider Gloves and they do everything that I was t old they do.



The Winter style touchscreen gloves by Glider Gloves provide excellent warmth and hand protection for both children and adults. Warm smartphone gloves for touchscreen use allows the user to touch, tap, swipe and pinch an interactive screen with the glove still on the hand. A once frustrating and frigid dilemma of taking the glove off to use a mobile phone has been solved by Glider Gloves blend of conducive copper woven into each double insulated winter touch screen glove. The conductive yarn is interwoven into the entirety of the knit texting glove, allowing the whole hand to control the screen. Now you can text friends and update your status without risk of frostbite!

Features Include:

  • Warmer gloves with noticeable increased thickness
  • Seamless touch response along entire hand and fingers
  • Double lined for greater warmth and a soft brushed interior for comfort
  • Anti-Slip grip on palms of hands to hold your device securely
  • Neutral melange pattern design in black
  • Finished with an elegant brimmed cuff
  • Weight: ~85 grams


  • The gloves are made with a mix of Nylon, Acrylic, Spandex, and Copper based conductive yarns.
  • The grip is made with Silicone.

Made with a blend of conductive materials, now you can enjoy amazing touch response along your entire hand and all 10 fingers. With best in-class accuracy and precision, your frozen fingers will warm up to the idea of touch, tap, text, pinch, and glide! Regular gloves simply do not work on touch screens – Glider Gloves do!


AVAILABLE in heavier winter style and lighter weight Urban style.

You have to get them to believe them.

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