See How I Color In Adult Coloring Books!

You have heard all about it, especially this Holiday Season. Every book, toy or art store you go into, has at least one display of the adult coloring books in an assortment of categories, sizes and price points. Let’s not forget the display along side them with coloring pencils, brush markers, metallic, and combination sets. The reason for all this attention is easy, not only is it  popular it is also fun and exciting. Color alone, organize a group with friends and peers to color and just have fun. The idea is to to relax, be creative, have lots of fun and don’t worry about coloring inside the lines. Some will say that I am not overly shy, afraid to speak my mind and/or share my thoughts, so why not share my coloring with you as well. The Secret Garden is one of the hottest coloring books today. See my coloring below.


better         pencils        beth pix coloring

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