Jotters with pockets and jotters with flags and post it notes.

Below are 2 very popular items, a take-off on the standard jotters. I am always looking for new things and new revisions on the old tried and true. This first jotter has an external front pocket and internal back pocket, a great way to hold those extra couple of pieces of paper you need and/or business cards. Easy to tote around. Eco pen included makes it the perfect jotter.

prime jotter with pockets

An An Eco-Responsible™ product
Paper cover with external front and internal back pockets
Includes 70 pages ruled white recycled paper
Double metal ring binding with elastic pen loop
Includes  Eco-Green Paper Barrel Pen in black with a one-color imprint
Eco-Responsible™ product 


This jotter below that comes with flags and post it notes also has a ruler on the cover. This takes your average jotter and makes it 3 times better. Great for the office, meetings, schools and children events.  For around $1 it can’t be beat!

jotter with flags Polypropylene cover features 4-1/2″ ruler
Includes five 20 page sticky page markers, one 1-5/8″ x 1-7/8″ yellow sticky pad and 40 pages ruled note paper
Cardboard back cover and metal double ring binding

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