Apparel Terminology 101 : Part 2: Fabrics

Apparel Terminology 101 part 2: Fabric:

I hope you found the section on Construction interesting and educational and are now looking forward to our section on Fabrics.


Polyester/cotton: A fabric blend of cotton and polyester that results in a soft blend of finder than traditional combed-cotton yarn. It oftentimes has improved drape as well as the inherent moisture-control properties of polyester.

Cotton/spandex: A blend made of mostly combed cotton and some spandex. This fabric features elasticity for better fit and recovery. These fabrics typically have a softer and smoother surface for printing, making the garment stronger and more durable for the wearer.

Rayon: a manufactured fiber, constructed from naturally occurring cellulose from plants and then spun into yarn. It is originally developed as a cheap alternative to silk and is now found in products where softness smooth surfaces, and luster are most important.

Modal: A type of rayon made exclusively from beechwood fibers. This type of fabric is soft, smooth, and breathes well. Similar to cotton, modal’s texture is cool to the touch and absorbent with ability to dye easily. It drapes well, keeps its shape, and is resistant to shrinkage, fading and appearance.

Tri-blends: A popular fabric, especially in retail-inspired styles, which is made of a blend of three different fibers. Common combinations include cotton/polyester/rayon or polyester/nylon/spandex. These compositions tent to lend a softness and flattering drape, along with a heathered appearance.

Slub: A newer type of fabric, slub has an irregular appearance caused by uneven thickness in the warp of the thread.

Garment dyed: This is apparel dyed in garment form rather than in raw fabric form. This results in a unique soft, lived-in look.

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