Things you wanted to know about sublimated apparel but didn’t know what to ask.

gator sleeve sublimated jacketPerformance wear is the favorite choice of apparel for many people today. Typically made of polyester, sublimation is a popular choice for this market. Other basic printing processes simply apply the ink to the out surface area, which adheres to the garment by binding agents and heat. With sublimation, the ink is designed to absorb into the polymers of polyester for a more durable and long-lasting print. As we sublimate polyester, the sublimation does not crack, peel or fade when laundered because of the molecular bonding. In theory, the image should outlive the shirt or other apparel it is applied to.

It used to be that the color of fabric for sublimating was a problem but we have come a long way baby and now there is a lot more choices of color that can be sublimated. The retail market today of sublimated garments isn’t your basic white as in the past but showing many other color options.

I hope this answered any questions you may have had on what exactly sublimation is and if this something I should be considering for my next promotion. Sublimation can be done on apparel, bags, pillows and much more.

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