Lanterns – Be Prepared

We probably didn’t worry as much or think about it as much in many parts of the US of  having no lights or running water as we have these last few years. Ever since Sandy on the East Coast we all think preparedness more than ever. I know I now keep at least a couple of battery operated lanterns and radios on hand not to mention candles for emergencies. Here are a few that would make great gifts and hand outs.

THE ULTIMATE Lantern – Lantern with 30 powerful LED bulbs on adjustable wings allows you to shine the light in whichever direction you choose. It’s rubber coated finish adds durability and a classy look. As low as $18.50

LED Lantern This battery operated small LED lantern has a dimmer switch and built-in compass. As low as $4.99

RETRACTABLE lantern – This retractable LED lantern is bright, compact, energy efficient and durable to give you everything you want in a lantern. Featuring fold-down wire handles for easy carrying or hanging and included batteries, this LED lantern opens and closes in order to fit into a more compact space when it’s not being used. A perfect customizable item for your next marketing campaign, this lantern is sure to shine a light on your business. As low as $10.49

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