Are people still using mouse pads for promotions? YES!

I’m asked every day if people are still using mouse pads for promotions, and the answer is most definitely YES! Mouse pads are still a great way to deliver a marketing message. Everyone has a computer, laptop, or tablet they still use on a regular basis. Mouse pads are the ideal accessory and influence millions of internet users daily. Whether it’s used or given away, mouse pads offer more impact, color, and detail. Compared to other promotional products like a pen, key chain, or flashlight, mouse pads provide a greater image area giving you more message for your money.


The next time you have a customer who is looking for ideas, think of mouse pads. Whether it’s a trade show giveaway, mailing, or product launch we have a variety of mouse pad options that fit every promotion or budget



Wellness Week Promotes Activity At Employees’ Desks

Case Study SampleThe World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization recently joined efforts during Wellness Week to create a promotional product that would highlight their messages and introduce a reasonable health and exercise goal to the general public. They chose an 8-inch round, Origin’L Fabric® mouse pad that featured the message “don’t sit so much, move at your desk with centered being ‘2/4/6/8/10’.” For each of the five numbers there was an associated exercise including stretching your knees, elbows, spine, hips, shoulders and mind. Because the mouse pad included visual aids of the actual stretches and sat on individuals’ desks, it became a constant reminder to keep up with exercis

Case Study Sample

WWI Museum Reignites Passion With Custom Mouse Pad. The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial wanted to reignite the passion of Americans and their interest and intrigue in one of the greatest wars of our country’s history. They also hoped to capture more visitors and increase awareness of their vast public education programs. They created a custom-shaped Vynex®Heavy Duty mouse pad in the shape of a hand grenade as a promotional handout for their museum. Because of the unique shape of the mouse pad and the simplicity of its message, the museum saw much excitement over their promotion

Coffee Roasters Increase Visibility with Mouse Pad Gifts

Case Study SampleLocated in two small towns in Washington state, Vinaccio Coffee, a locally-owned, family-run coffee roasting company wanted to promote their coffee and expand their customer base. They decided to purchase 100 Origin’L Fabric® mouse pads created with their logo imprinted onto the soft, antimicrobial surface of the mouse pad. They purchased the 8-inch round mouse pad, which perfectly aligned with their logo and name of the coffee shop. The mouse pads were given out as promotions to new and would-be customers and served as a constant reminder of the coffee shop to those using the mouse pads.

Hotel Booking Website Campaigns for More Hotel Involvement

Case Study, which is an online company that offers discounted prices on hotels as well as hotel and vacation packages, wanted to increase the number of hotels that participated in their program. They created an Origin’L Fabric 4-inch square coaster that had a QR code, the website as well as their marketing slogan “Be Found & Get Chosen” to try and convince hotels that by participating in the program they were more likely to be chosen by consumers. The coasters were distributed to 500 hotels and travel lodges throughout the country to try to incur business. Because the coasters are reusable, they served as a continual r

Texas-Sized Thank You Gift For Visitors

Case Study SampleThe Courtyard by Marriott in Lewisville, Texas, is located near many of Dallas’ local attractions. In order to show appreciation to their guests, and give them a keepsake for their trip to the Dallas area, the hotel presented the Frame-It FLEX® mouse pad to guests at the time of check-out. In addition to serving as a photo frame, where they could showcase the memories from their trip, the mouse pad was imprinted with a calendar, making it a useful office accessory.

 School Promotes Basketball Season with Promotional Mouse Pad

Case Study SampleDuke University wanted to recognize the hard work of its women’s basketball team, the Blue Devil’s, and how much work was put into the preseason while  also recognizing some of their star athletes by featuring them on a promotional mouse pad that would be handed out during basketball games. The mouse pads incorporated the Blue Devil’s logo with five of their leading female athletes listing some of the women’s accomplishments along with the 2013-14 school year. The mouse pads invoked school pride and recognized some of the hardest working female athletes at the university and were used by students, alumni and fans.

Ice Cream Hits Year-Round Campaign

Case Study SampleCold Stone Creamery, a retail outlet specializing in hand-made ice cream creations, wanted to show their appreciation to Chicago-area consumers, so they gave away MousePaper® Calendar mouse pads at the beginning of the year. Cold Stone Creamery was able to feature different menu items and coupons on each new month of the mouse pad, which was a great option giving them tons of versatility. The last page of the calendar included a list of all Chicago-area locations, so the customer could more easily find a store.

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