Fortune Cookies: Custom, Decorated and in over 40,000 Chinese Restaraurants

choc fortune cookie fortune cookie

When eating at your favorite Chinese Restaurant  how do you end your meal? Everyone loves to read their fortune and now in over 40,000 Chinese Restaurants in the Country you can have your very own custom fortune with your company logo and saying. Looking for a custom cookie for a personal reason? We can decorate them any way you want. You wont believe they are edible too.

We customize the slips inside fortune cookies for personal/business events with multi-colors, images, logos, different color/flavor cookies and more but we do something extra special. We are the only place in the world which offers companies the opportunity to advertise in any one of over 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the country. You can customize the back of the slip with your clients advertisement and utilize our network of Chinese restaurants to place their advertised fortune cookies in target markets. We have many businesses that take advantage of our product such as hospitals/schools/small and large companies/politicians/financial companies/much more. Now this is a fortune worth sharing!

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