Plate Mates are Back! And it’s about time!

A few years back we used to promote these items with our own names and logo on them.

Then they stopped being readily available, but we are lucky once again to have them available to you.

We used them everywhere we went and everyone always wanted them and wanted to know where they could get one.

What are they? They are Plate Mates!

Ever been at an event and  need one hand for your plate, another for you drink, and wish you had a third and/or forth hand so that you could eat your food and drink your drink? Here is the solution for you. Clip this Plate Mate onto your plate, then insert your drink into the holder. Now you have a free hand to eat and drink with. Let’s go one step further and add your logo to the clip for your corporate event.

Having a wedding, shower or other more personal event? Add the names and date to the clip and have a great inexpensive party favor.

How about a save the date? Having a wedding or other event where you are sending out Save the Date reminders?

Insert one of these Plate Mates with the Save the Date reminder with the names and date of the event. Remind them to bring it to the wedding, shower or other event. Now wasn’t that a great idea?

Take a look below and see how the work.


plate mate plate mate stackplate mate single

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