Healthy Portions, Counter Mats and More…

Healthy Eating Promotion Gains Headway with Counter Mats

There is nothing better than promoting healthy eating to our youth. Teach and show portion control with the counter mats and plates.


In order to remind Americans to make wiser choices when it comes to portion control as well as what to eat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched the My Plate campaign in mid-2011 with an image of a plate that breaks down how much food individuals should be eating from each food group. The campaign, which is meant to serve as an icon for Americans, is also being used by the American Heart Association, which has put the My Plate image on counter mats and placed them at grocery stores around the country to encourage and remind U.S. citizens of how easily a healthy lifestyle can be obtained. The logo was imprinted onto a 10” x 15” BarelyThere™ counter mat, which sits flush to the counter with a 0.020” thickness, allowing individuals to still place items and sign checks/receipts on the counter.



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