The clipster, think Safety

clipsters (3)

A personal safety
flare is an unusual idea
for a promotional product in June isn’t it?

Imagine people walking around towns big and small

carrying personal safety flares.

Well…Reflectix has them.

They’re called clipsters and they easily transfer from

one garment to another.  They clip onto skirts and

pants, collars, sleeves, sweaters…you name it.

You can view them by going to

And when they’re worn it’s just like wearing a

personal safety flare which can be seen from

500 feet away.

Crossing a street or even

walking in a parking lot at night can be hazardous.

These are excellent products to present to all of your

education/school clients for the upcoming school year.

Wearing a clipster from Reflectix keeps people/kids safe

and alive with flare! 

I’d like to send you some clipster samples…

All you need to do is fill out the request form by

going to 

Looking for visible marketing results your clients

can rely upon day and night?

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