My Favorite Tea Drinkware. Where have you been?


These cups and travel mugs remind of a project done a while back while looking for mugs with lids that sealed tight and kept the tea and coffee hot. It just so happened that they came with tea holder inserts like these shown. These are a little different and the covers that double as a base are now made of silicone but the idea is still here and I still love the item . Of course we can still get the original tea cups that come with the basic C-handle mug and ceramic lid . What took so long.

If you notice the c up on the right, it actually comes with a little insert that holds a tea bag. The cup stands on its side so that you can drink the tea without having to take out the holder. A tall travel tea tumbler is also available.

Are you a tea lover? Then this is the item for you. This also makes a great retail item.



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