ChillRocks and ChillBalls-New Holiday ideas for drinks


Tired of the Wine Charms? They are a great item, I still use them all the time for parties and gatherings making sure that everyone keeps their own wine glass regardless of how many times they may forget where they put it or which one is theirs. Put now it is time for something new, just in time for the Holidays. These ChillBalls and ChillRocks keep your drink cold and even has its own handle allowing you to take the ice out at any time without using your hands. Better yet, you don’t even need an ice bucket or have to worry about the bartender using his or her own hands for the ice that goes into your glass. Just slip the Chiller onto the edge of the glass and you are done.

ChillRocks is the ideal partner for your holiday cheer. Keeps
your drink cold without diluting the flavor or changing the texture of your
expensive spirit. Makes a unique party gift.

What will they think of next?

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