Infuser Water Bottle-I have one and I use it all of the time

This is definately one of my favorite water bottles to have come out this year. There are various versions of the infuser style water bottle made of glass and plastic but this surpasses them all. Lightweight, easy to use and clean. I even put it in the dishwasher. They say that drinking water with lemon is good for our system. Now you can cut your lemon and/or lime, insert them into the carrier and not worry about any pits. Try new flavors like watermelon or strawberries. Let’s get creative and add different fruits at one time and see what flavor we get. It is best to not let the fruit sit too long without liquid to keep it at its best and freshest.

Create your own personalized flavored beverage with fresh, natural ingredients! Made of durable Eastman TRITAN™ quality reusable product with comfortable single hand access. Fill the removable snap lock infuser basket with strawberries, lemons, limes, orange slices, mint leaves, tea bags and much more!
• Large opening for easy fill • Secure leak proof lid • Non-skid base • Dishwasher safe • Easy to use flip lock lid! • Hinged cap opens easily and snaps into place for ease in use • Rinse & Reuse (hand wash recommended)

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