The Paper Web Key-“Punch ‘N Plug”


This promotional tool combines the power and immediacy of a quality printed brochure with a web key that can be inserted into the computer’s USB port to bring the reader to your webpage or other internet site.

You have to see it to believe it!  The key is printed onto the brochure with perforations which makes it easy to “punch out” and then plug it into the port.  My customers love it and tell me they use it to bring consumers to their site for product demos, continuing education (lots of medical/pharmaceutical company possibilities), contests and special promotions.

Make it easy for your customers to get where you want them on the Internet without a search or typing in a URL address.

There’s even an option to include an analytics function that allows you to track usage.

Obviously, logos and messages can (and should!) be printed on the surface!

This is the perfect Pharma promotional item that is educational, informative and useful.

USB Insert™/Pharma webkey represents a new era in online educational marketing, and is the ideal engagement tool that drives e-detailing for physicians and educational compliance information for patients.

Contact us for case studies.

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