Trade Show Tips

Participating in a trade show is a big investment.  Have you done everything you can to make sure you get a return on this investment? 

Let’s see, you’ve picked a high-traffic location—ideally a corner spot that has traffic in two intersecting directions.  Your booth attendants are outgoing, knowledgeable and look professional.  You’ve brought an assortment of colorful, professionally-printed material about your company and products.

What about the all-important “giveaways”?  Ideally you should offer a combination of logo items and non-logo pieces.  The smartest non-logo giveaways are things like candy and mints.  In a business setting, everyone wants to have a supply of breath mints in their pocket as well as a small stash of bite-size chocolates to get them through the next breakout session!Advertising Mint/Candy/Gum Box with Signature Peppermints

For a longer lasting impact, be sure to also offer logo giveaways that the attendees will want to snag.  That means they must be useful or unique items.  Office supplies and kitchen gadgets work very well.  Look at your office desk or on the side of your home refrigerator.  See what I mean?  When was the last time anyone bought a ballpoint pen or highlighter?  Just like you, I have a drawer full of them and 90% or more have a logo—they’re irresistible!   Notebook with Flags & Sticky Notes

Remember also that many attendees will be returning home to a spouse and children.  They don’t want to be empty handed when asked, “What did you bring me?”  (Hmmm, bag clips, golf balls, note pads, tools for the grownups; yo-yos, toys, coloring books, sponge balls for the kids.)Value Gusset Tote / Bag

Finally, for an even bigger booth impact, how about an interactive game like a roulette wheel or a miniature golf hole?  There’s nothing like having a competitive crowd gathered at your booth to draw even more folks over!Black Mini Prize Wheel (Tabletop) - 20.5

We’re just scratching the surface here—call us with your ideas or to hear more suggestions.  Multi Media Promotions can take care of nearly all of your trade show booth needs!



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