Low Cost – High Impact Items

Multi Media Promotions has all the price points covered.  But let’s talk about some options for memorable economy items, say for a high volume trade show.  Quick…how many magnetic clips do you have on your refrigerator at home or at the office?  Still, no one can resist stopping by a booth to pick up another one!  Jumbo Magnetic ClipThe favorite seems to be this line of spring loaded colored plastic magnetic clips with gripping teeth and an extra strong magnetic back.  Even the heavier items won’t slide to the floor!  The clips come with a generous imprint area for your logo and message.

Or, how about the new design of staple pullers? The Ultimate Staple Lifter Yes, they’ve built a better mouse-trap—this new style does a much better job of avoiding paper tears.  These are available in multiple colors with several logo printing options.Letter Opener & Keyboard/Screen Sweeper

Letter openers are another tried and true high volume promotional item.  We have a variety of them in different shapes and sizes.  But one of the neatest ones we’ve seen is this combination letter opener and computer screen sweeper.  Don’t you wish YOU’D thought of that?!  This item does double duty so your name is out there twice as much!

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