Ideas for Volunteer Programs

Are you looking to attract volunteers for your non-profit group? Here are a few ideas that may help you get and thank your volunteers.

Colored Medium Weight Poly-Cotton TeeWhen starting out each team should be wearing matching tee shirts with their sponsors on the front, sleeve and/or back of shirt. I recommend bright or neon colors. This way you will stand out from the other teams, not to mention being easily recognized by fellow walkers through the walk.

Awareness Heart KeyholderWhen people originally sign up you can hand out a key chain or ribbon demonstrating the organization such as a pink ribbon with sneakers for a breast cancer walk. When they actually come to the charity walk you can then hand out pedometers that can track the mileage they walked as well as count the calories they burned. On the last walk I did for Lung Cancer we walked around the golf course of Oyster Bay which was 4 miles. Everyone was curious how long the walk was, how long it took and how many calories they burned. It is a great motivator to keep everyone walking, especially on a cold day, and also gives a topic of conversation during the walk. Eco friendly tote bags are another great item to give them with the pedometers, it gives them something to carry their belongings in as well as something useful to use time and time again.

At the end of the walk or at the beginning you can also hand out candles for the walkers to use when they get home and relax. They will feel good every time they light the scented candles as a reminder of the nice deed they participated in.

Let us not forget the organizers for all their hard work and dedication. They are well deserving of a high-end gift such as am art glass piece or leather item. Those volunteers that have given  years of service should be recognized on special anniversaries with items such as a nice quality clock and frame combo along with a dozen roses and chocolates.

    Adagio 4 Chocolate Truffles in Business Card Box

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