The worry chair

The Worry Chair  

One common conditioning technique used by counselors is the “worry chair” strategy. It is especially useful for those who have trouble falling asleep because they are ruminating about their day. You can use it at home or work, but we will use the example of someone with insomnia to demonstrate the process.

1. Set up a specific chair in your house that is designated as the worry chair.
2. If you are worrying about things and unable to sleep for more than 10 minutes, get out of
your bed and go sit in the worry chair.
3. Allow yourself to worry all you want when you are in the chair. Take each worry to its conclusion before you move to the next worry.
4. Stay there as long as you need to (until you are done worrying).
5. Return to bed.
6. If you start worrying again then go to your chair and repeat the process. Do not allow yourself to worry in any other spot in the house (or office if you do the process there).
7. You can add journaling to your worry time if that is helpful for you.

While this technique may be strange, it is a method for you to condition your worry to that chair instead of your bed, office chair or anywhere else. It puts you in control of the worry rather than having the worry control you. Lack of sleep will kill your focus so don’t allow it to go on too long.

Source: Dr. Tim Ursiny is the founder of Advantage Coaching & Training. He trains and coaches individuals and teams in areas such as stress management, conflict resolution, dealing with change and building client loyalty. He is the author of multiple books including The Confidence Plan, Tough Times Tactics and The Top Performer’s Guide to Attitude.

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