WSJ Networking article

Something interesting happened at the Small Business Expo at the Javits Center a couple of weeks ago. Deciding whether to leave or stay after a full day of networking, a woman came up to me and asked if  I would mind being interviewed for an article that may appear in the paper. As I was reflecting upon the day and networking, it was the perfect time to approach me. We spoke of many subjects, my company and networking. We then followed up further with the interview on the phone a couple of weeks later. The article came out and my part was a lot smaller than I would have hoped and not exactly what I would have displayed based on our conversations. But as they say, PR is always good no matter what. I was glad my name was mentioned, but no company name was addressed. Exactly 3 days later I got a call from a woman looking to order some promotional items for her school and at a loss of where to buy them. She read the article, found my name but couldn’t find my company. Low and behold she googled me and found my company name and contact information. I will now be working with her and I have to thank Anne and the Wall Street Journal. So it goes to show that any and all PR is good. And networking is always good.

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