Are you ready for the ice and snow?

No one is more disappointed to see the warm weather leave us than I am. I love the sunny bright days that seem to make everyone friendlier and smile. But soon the weather will get colder, the ice and snow will be showing up on our cars. Times like this I really miss living in the City and taking the train and bus everywhere my feet wont take me. Here at Multi Media Promotions we will help you keep you and your clients window clear. We have the perfect solution to help you clear off the frost and keep your hands warm. Our Ice Scraper Mitts are useful, water-resistant, and lined to keep your hands warm. For slightly over $3.00 I can’t think of a better give away item that will remind your clients of your services time and time again. You may even get a thank you or two. Contact Multi Media Promotions  516-935-0553

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