Eco desk mailing items-great mailing or giveaway item

Here are 2 great inexpensive NEW items, unique and different to show you care about the environment. Hand out at one trade show and follow-up at the 2nd trade show with the other item. Handing both out at the same time gives double desktop visibility. Or do a campaign mailing, there is nothing like bulk or lumpy mail to get noticed and opened. And your message will stay on the recipient’s desk each and every day.

Eco-friendly Cardboard Memo Holder. Delivered flat and opens up into a        3  3/4″w x 2 1/2″h x 3 3/4″d pad holder. Paper not included. Both inexpensive and highly useful.

Matching component to the memo holder is the cardboard pen/pencil holder. This piece also comes delivered flat opening up to a nice size       3 1/4″w x 3 1/4″h x 4 3/16″d. Another great desk item. Both inexpensive, easy to mail and ship.

Create a mailing campaign.

Start a mailing campaign with the memo holder that mails flat and is light in weight.  They will be sure to placed on a desk with your contact information on it. Follow up your next mailing with a pad made from recycled paper and environmental inks, adhesive or non-adhesive. Another great item displaying your message.

The next mailing should consist of the Cardboard Pen/Pencil Holder. Mailing flat, light in weight and  totally useful. It will mostly likely sit on the desk next to the memo holder. What an impact. 

Continue your mailing campaign with a pen or pencil made from recycled cardboard or newspaper. Pens made from biodegradable corn plastic is another great alternative writing instrument. These will surely be placed right into the pen holder immediately .

Prices in the low $1 range.

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