Days and weeks you should know

March 1-7, National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week.

This is the perfect time to send a written letter of thanks to you clients on your letterhead which will go a lot further than just an e-mail. Include a writing instrument or logoed gift cards to include with your note for them to use when they need to send a note.

March 3 , I Want You to be Happy Day.

Spread happy thoughts and smiles on this day with a smiley face promotional item. Inexpensive smiley face buttons or tattoos are a natural, as well as our smiley face computer brushes and stressballs, a hit on any day. Use this day to spread cheer and happiness. 

March 8 – 12 Make a Referral Week.

A warm referral goes  long way as apposed to cold calling. Thank you to Successful Promotions for the article and tips I am using for this blog.

March 9 Organize Your Home Office Day.

Take this day to organize your home office. An estimated 34 million home offices are located in this country. Unclutter your office, purge or delete old files. Promote home offices with a desk item that will be used each and every day. Think computers, calendars, tech items and more.

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day

The luck of the Irish.  Wearing green on this day is a yearly tradition. Think of green shirts, shamrock shaped pins, lollipops all logoed with your name.

 March 30 Passover  



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