Ever hear or see plates and silverware made from bamboo?

If you already know me, you know that I am into helping companies and people promote with sustainable items as well as traditional items. This product is environmentally friendly because it is made from bamboo, requiring very little energy in the handcrafting process. These plates are also 100% biodegradable and made without any dangerous chemicals or bleaches. These place settings are crafted from the sheath of the newly emerging bamboo plant. They are elegant, strong, durable and leak resistant because the sheath is formed, crafted in its natural shape rather than being crushed to a pulp and then crafted. Plates come round or square in different sizes. There are even bowls to make a complete place setting. The silverware consisting of fork, spoon and knife are all reusable and the knife even cuts through meat.
The 9.5″ wine plate is a great item to use for any entertaining event. By connecting your glass to the plate you are able to free a hand for eating. Great item, especially for environmental events and is also a great conversation opener.

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  1. Posted by Danielle Steinberger (your BIC Sales Rep) on January 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I have been looking for this item (bamboo wine/buffet plates, bamboo cutlery) for quite some time. Just curious to know the retail price point and how I can aquire some for my personal use.
    By the way, think this blog of yours is a great thing!


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