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USA Trucker Awards

We all like to feel appreciated for a job well done.

Truck drivers work hard and long hours making sure our goods get delivered as quickly as possible.

It may take many days on the road through all kinds of weather, traffic and construction.

Show your appreciation for someone you know that deserves to be acknowledged.

Custom made and designed if need.


Flannels are popular, comfortable and can keep you warm during the colder months

Updated with 2 chest pockets, modern fit and over 24 designs to choose from, we have the perfect style and fit for everyone.

Some like them heavy, some like lighter weight flannels, no matter your desire we have the fit for you.

Wear your sleeves down, or toll them up for when the sun comes ou.

What is your favorite color for shirts?

Back to School

Children both young and older will be returning back to school soon if they have not already.

Let all the students feel welcomed with your school signage and welcome.

Place signs around the school reminding people to slow down.

Welcome banners for students and staff add excitement to the new school year.

It is a new school year and we want to make sure you have all the essentials you need for a great school year.

USA Made Soft Sueded Jersey Polo Shirts

These USA made 94/6 Dry Wicking Poly/Spandex polo shirts are super soft and will be available any day now.

Available in assorted colors and sizes we have the one that fits your needs.

Ask us if you want to learn more.

Fast Charging Wall Chargers

It is no secret that we are constantly using our electronic devices from our computers, to tablet to phones.

Many of us are probably now using our Kindles as well.

All of these items need to be charged almost daily if not daily.

Our fast charging double charge units offer 30W PD along with Type-C PD port for simultaneous fast charging. Our double charge are as low as $19.00 each.

Need a triple charge device? Our 65W fast charging device with 2 Type-C PD ports and 1 USB port, will allow you to charge your phone and laptop or tablet at the same time.

Perfect for the home or office and on the road.

Portable and ideal for a quick charge after a day.

Custom Acrylic Awards

Do you have a School Mascot or Company logo you want to hand out to those deserving acknowledgement?

Custom awards are special and saved for years to come to commemorate a special accomplishment.

Many materials can be used to create these awards from acrylic, crystal and stone to create a lasting impression.

How many do you need and what is your budget?

We can make it work for you.

USA – Stone Candle Holders

Construction, buildings and maintenance companies are great industries for these candle giveaways.

No inventory concerns

No tariff concerns

Products are never discontinued

These custom onyx, marble or granite candle holders are decorated with a full color UV print or etched with one color fill.

USA made, the candles make perfect gifts with your branding sure to be seen for years to come.

Easily refillable with tea light replacements.

Smart Tumbler

I love technology

I love my drinkware, I always have too many bottles in my fridge taking room away for food.

But to be honest I don’t always love tech drinkware.

This tumbler is the exception for me.

The Smart Tumbler lets you choose your preferred warm drink temperature whether it be for coffee and tea or beer and wine.

Complete with charging pad, the tumbler is amazingly designed to be compatible with all Qi-Certified wireless charging pads.

The charging pad is branded with a highly-visible and full-color imprint.

Good things do not come cheap but if you are looking for that special gift, especially with the holidays approaching I would want one of these.

USA Made Custom Flip Flops

We always love to help and supply to our clients items that are a little different in the promotional area.

Custom flip flops are a great way to show your brand without breaking the bank.

Planning on a corporate excursion? Rewarding your top performers with a group getaway?

These flip flops are sure to be appreciated.

Light weight to take on the train or bus and small enough to fit anywhere.

Tablet Splitters-Medical Field Idea

Do you work in the medical field?

Do you find yourself having to split difficult tablets for your medicines or vitamins?

The pill cutters come with a stainless steel blade that makes splitting pills both Easy and Safe!

Don’t struggle any more and use our splitters with ease.

Great promotional item for hospitals, companies working in the medical field, pharmaceutical companies and many more.

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