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What’s New – These Stainless Tumblers

This year a lot of new drinkware and tumblers were shown at PPAI.

These 30 oz stainless steel insulated mugs with swivel handle and built in straw are perfect to take with you where ever you to.

The durable powder coating gives it a comfortable touch and feel.

With an easy grip handle, drinking straw, and large imprint area, you will be the envy of everyone.

Elemental Coffee Shirt Made From Coffee Grounds

If you know us at all, you know that we are passionate about helping our clients brand with sustainable items and helping to save our planet.

We are also passionate about working with companies that give back to others, and Elemental give back a portion of each purchase to different charities including Charity Water, Beautify and Alzheimer’s Association.

We also love partnering with other sustainable companies helping to bring the best of branded merchandise and eco-friendly products to you.

These shirts are:

Lightweight and silky smooth

Moisture wicking



Made from 50% coffee grinds ad 50% recycled PET.

Let us brand and work together to save our planet.

Sent us your logo and we are happy to create a virtual for you.

Hurley Oasis 40 oz. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Have you ever tried to put your tumbler in the car holder in your car?

Did it fit? Chances are it was too large to fit into the holder.

These tumblers are tapered at the bottom to fit most car holders will stile providing a large capacity for your drink.

Our solution are these 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated construction with copper lining providing extra temperature retention that will keep your drink cold for up to 30 hours, and hot up to 12 hours.

The 40 oz. capacity requires fewer refills and the large side handle makes it easy to grip.

Inventory is arriving in February, but sure to sell out fast.

Order yours today while you still can.

HAUS Thermal Mug with Push On Lid and Gift Box

So pretty.

So attractive

So useful.

Great ROI, Return On Investment.

Attractive 12 oz. double wall 18/8 stainless steel mug with copper vacuum insulation, clear acylic push-on lid, and matching swivel.

Gift box included.

Available in many colors.

What’s New PPAI – Cup Ring

Place your logo on these Ringsulator Drink Cup Insulator from AIRfeet.

Stay branded at your next event with your logo displaying on the top of a cup keeping them cold while you walk around.

Stay visible and branded the entire day.

Great for the Craft Beer industry.

What’s New – Wood Cube

These sustainable custom wood cubes are printed on all sides.

Fun and interactive item to hand out and use at restaurants and events.

Say something different on each side.

For restaurants, you can print your QR code displaying your menu, tell them you have Free WiFi, advertise your Happy Hour, and of course your logo on one side.

What’s New – PPAI – Beer Case Mate 12-Pack – Kanga Coolers

Have you ever bought a cardboard case of beer and had it spill all over?

We all know they are not the most sturdy, and they certainly do not carry our brand on them.

These stylish log-ready carrying cases come totally customized with your logo, ready to travel any where.

This is a great promotional item for the Spirit industry.

Craft beers and wines now come in sustainable cans, and this is the perfect way for them to show their brand.

What’s New – Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

Absorbits/Bone Dri Wet Rescue Pouch.

We have all at one time or another had to deal with an electronic device, most likely a phone, that got wet, in the rain, at the beach, or maybe bowl.

At first we panic, then we try the phone in a bowl of rice overnight, hoping that it will still work.

This pouch dries out electronics after they get wet, helping them to work like new, once again.

This is a great branded promotional item for beaches, water parks, community pools, and just about anyone near water.

What’s New – Custom Pickle Ball Sets

Pickle ball is all the rage now, taking over tennis as the most popular net sport.

Well, maybe not taking over, but it has become extremely popular.

You hear everyone talking about pickle ball.

To be honest, I am still more of a tennis fan, for sure, but there is something to say about pickle ball and it’s popularity.

We can custom brand a pickle ball set for you with your company logo.

You will be the talk of the court when you use our paddles.

Stay seen, stay noticed, branding at its best.

What’s New From the PPAI Show – Electric Lunch Box

At your present job, or your new job, do you have a microwave to heat up your lunch?

Do you wish you had a way to heat up that leftover dinner from last night, for lunch.

This electric lunch box from Agraffes Innovation lets you heat up things right in the lunch box.

No more needs for a microwave.

Simply plug in your lunch box, and you have a hot meal in minutes.

Great for being sustainable and healthy.

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