Totally Customized ReturnMe Tags

Are you looking for a product with quick turnaround times?

Are you looking for something that is totally custom and personable.

How it works: Your client gifts their customers a promo discount code that’s delivered either digitally or on a postcard. The receiver logs-on the ReturnMe website, uploads their very own personal artwork (could be a portrait, pet picture, baby photos, or whatever they like!) and then processes the free gift. The custom artwork is decorated on the front side of the tag with the client’s logo on the reverse side and shipped to the customer all within 5 business days.

Customize My Tag comes with these amazing features:

No stock, no shipping, no headache: ReturnMe’s Custom Tags can be handed out 100% virtually. You don’t need to stock anything! ReturnMe takes care of the final fulfillment to the end-user.

Available in 30 minutes or less: Guaranteed to never be out of stock, the perfect item for last-minute gifts for the Holidays or for proposing in-stock solutions during times of supply crisis.

Fully customizable by end-user: According to Deloitte, consumers are willing to pay up to 20% premium for customized products, which entails a higher perceived value and a higher activation rate.

Great for airlines, Weddings and other events, corporate events and more.

Let’s get personal.

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